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Garth Duncan

The objects that our ancestors created and left behind are inspiration for me. With no written history, their artefacts must speak for them. It’s a direct physical connection to our past, better than words: human hands that created, struggled, lived, and loved. I do my very best to honour their memory in every piece I make.

Garth DuncanI was introduced to metalwork at age 15, by Navaho silversmith Jo Madrid, learning silver fabrication and tool-making from him.

Over the years, I’ve worked with many jewellery and gem dealers, designing and making some very exciting pieces for some very interesting people, while working out of northern California. Over the years we managed to visit friends and family here in Scotland. In 2001, the call of the Highlands became too great and we moved - lock, stock, and bench - to our home here at Duncan House, on the Isle of Skye in Scotland.

I am Scottish, even Pict, on my father’s side, and my historical studies of our ancestors moved my work into traditional Celtic designs after learning Navaho metalwork. The fine work of the ancient Celtic tribes of Europe made its way to Britain early on: I have become addicted to their knotwork patterns, trying to outdo myself with every new piece. It has taken many decades to learn and perfect the methods and disciplines required to take such traditional art work to a fine jewellery level.

All my designs are carved, cast, and forged by myself, here on Skye. Most of my work is accomplished by lost wax casting methods, followed by chasing and engraving. Gems are set using both traditional and modern methods.

I mix all the metal alloys here myself. (I find most modern alloys in gold and silvers are designed to be soft and malleable, which does not serve my traditional standards.) My sterling silver uses only copper as an alloy, with no nickel or other allergenic metals. Likewise, I use only copper and silver in my yellow gold alloys (9, 14 and 18 carat) and vary the mix for colour and durability. My white gold alloy is pure, not plated and is almost platinum white. Owners of my pieces therefore know exactly the origin and composition of their precious heirlooms.

Many customers have commissioned me to create very elaborate items, from traditional Scottish Sgian Dubhs, unique wedding and engagement rings, to a 5 foot staff made of 5,000 year old bog oak!

“Much of our past is quite barbaric, but I choose to remember the beauty that was left to us by our fearless and noble ancestral mothers and fathers.”

Gareths Collection

Gareth’s Collection

Following in his father footsteps Garath Junior has worked alongside his father at the Strathaird workshop for many years.
Now fully skilled in the craft he has produced his own Celtic Jewellery range.
Full details can be found on his own website.

Gareth’s Collection

Isle of Skye

The Isle of Skye is a large island on the West Coast of Scotland. With spectacular landscapes and a rich history makes a popular destination for many.

Isle of Skye


Duncan House gallery and workshop is located in Strathaird on the Isle of Skye, Scotland. Follow the road from Broadford to Elgol to find the gallery.



Strathaird Steading is the home to the Duncan House gallery and workshop. The gallery can be visited in person or online with a virtual tour.